TaxiClean & NutriClean

Hygiene and cleanliness play a decisive role in calf feeding. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly and optimally clean the feeding equipment. That is the only way to ensure the functionality of the equipment and make sure you are protected against breakdowns, malfunctions and financial losses.


The special cleaner for the Milk Taxi is highly alkaline, and gently but effectively dissolves grease and protein compounds. Its excellent dirt absorption and removal properties ensure safe cleaning of the Milk Taxi. The cleaning booster can also be used for stubborn milk residues on the tank.

Package sizes: 12kg and 25kg


The feeder cleaner for all Holm & Laue automatic feeders is designed as an alkaline single-phase cleaner. It is outstanding at dissolving milk and lime, as well as milk fat and protein. It raises the pH to a level where bacteria can no longer grow. This guarantees healthy calves and ensures perfect functioning of the H&L automatic calf feeders. 

Package sizes: 12kg and 25kg

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