CalfBuggy – The Easy and Safe Way to Transport Calves

Moving calves on the farm is a difficult and very strenuous task, especially when you are doing it alone. Getting a harness or rope on the calf and pulling it around the farm is time-consuming and stressful for both you and the calf. In no time at all, the situation can even become dangerous, for instance when you simply don’t have the strength to lift the calf into a wheelbarrow or there is risk of it falling out of it. 

But with the CalfBuggy, you can move your calves easily and conveniently, even for longer distances, without worrying about safety risks or hazards. This calf buggy can be lowered to floor level with ease, so that one person can move the calf into it without any problem. 
To lower the buggy to the floor level, simply unlock the turn lock. Since the cage has swinging gates at the front and the back, the calf can conveniently be moved in facing forward and then led out through the rear gate. After leading the calf into the cage, simply press the handle down to the point where the turn lock snaps into place and the wheels are in transport position. 
The plastic grating on the bottom of the CalfBuggy makes sure the calf remains stable while standing and also makes it easy to clean. 

Thanks to the buggy’s large wheels, rough and uneven terrain, mud and snow are not a problem. They also ensure optimum weight distribution, making it a breeze to push the buggy.

A head lock at the front of the CalfBuggy keeps the calf calm, safe and securely in place, for example to provide medical treatment. 
The CalfBuggy is also ideal for transporting other items as well, such as feed, straw or tools.

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