Protected Individual Housing

Housing calves in individual hutches during the first days and weeks of their life has become established around the world as an animal-friendly and sanitary form of housing. However, both people and animals appreciate the additional weather protection provided by a roof.

With conventional, permanently installed roof systems, the entire igloo facility is no longer mobile, making easy cleaning and relocation to different locations impossible. The Calf Garden from Holm & Laue gives you all the benefits of mobile individual hutch housing along with the advantages of a mobile roofing system. 

The perfect solution for your calves’ first weeks of life: The H&L Calf Garden!

A Roof for Protection

What is essential for group housing is just as essential for individual pens: A covered hutch creates the optimal micro-climate and is good for the calf. But what does that mean in practice?

Weather Protection and Dry Bedding

Weather Protection and Dry Bedding

Protected from rain or hot sun by a large roof above the hutch, the calves go outside in the fresh air more often. In addition, the bedding material remains dry, which prevents the formation of ammonia. This strengthens the calves’ immune system calves and reduces the number of respiratory ailments.

Dry Feed

Dry Feed

Concentrate feed, calf muesli and cereals, and dry TMR are valuable feed. They should always be offered fresh and dry. The roof keeps all feed dry and thus promotes food intake.

Protected Work Environment

Protected Work Environment

The roof also provides a protected work environment for the person who attends to the calves, who then takes more time for the calves. This increases the quality of work and symptoms of illness or disease are recognized earlier as well.

Flexible Housing

Who knows what the future holds? Do you want to change locations on a regular basis or have more calves? With the versatile Calf Garden, you can always react flexibly!

Easy Relocation

Easy Relocation

The Calf Garden makes it very simple to move to a new location after each cleaning. Both the roof and the igloos are easy to move. The calves will then continue to grow on a new, clean patch of ground that is not contaminated with germs and bacteria. The sun's UV rays, fresh air and rain act as natural disinfectants, sanitising the “old” location of the hutch until it is needed again.

Expandable, Modular System

Expandable, Modular System

With the Calf Garden, you can react quickly and flexibly to changing requirements. As an alternative to an expensive conventional calf pen with a set number of calves, we recommend the Calf Garden instead. You save a lot of money, and in the future you can simply expand it by 10 calf hutches each whenever needed. 

Options and Features


  • Basic frame 5 x 2.5 m distance between posts
  • 2 slip-on wheels equipped with pneumatic tyresFront loader attachment bracket



The roof, with an area of 6 x 7.85 m, can withstand a snow load of 85 kg / m². Since the roof is available as an option, you can also use local suppliers for heavier snow loads.

Mobil or Stationary

Upon request, the Calf Garden is also available as a stationary version that can be anchored in the ground.

Storm Protection Kit

For protection against storms, we recommend using the storm protection kit to anchor the Calf Garden in the ground.

Rain Pipe

The rain hose drains rainwater off to the side.

Technical Specifications

Basic frame 2.5 m x 5 m x 2.5 m
Roof surface 6 m x 7.85 m

 * Technical specifications subject to change!



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